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Mariqueen & Trent Reznor

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Anonymous said: stripper??????


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Who the hell is this???
That is Trent Reznor, frontman and sole official member of Nine Inch Nails. He normally wears clothes.
Was once best buds with Marilyn Manson, they broke up (their friendship) in around 1997-2001. (They kind of got together but then broke up again, mix and repeat for a while it was all very dramatic and angsty)
He (Trent) had a major input in Antichrist Superstar (Manson’s 2nd studio album) (produced/cowrote/performed on the album. Manson appears in NIN’s music video ‘Starfuckers, Inc.’ and ‘Gave Up’, Manson was once under Nothing which was Trent’s now defunct label, they toured together a lot, did drugs together, etc)
NIN and David Bowie also toured together a fair bit in 1997 ish (which arguably added to the tension and breakup of Manson/Reznor)

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